"Zombies are a Lie!"

Zombies are a Lie

Zombies are a Lie screenshot

Release date November 2, 2014
Length 4:46
Link Zombies are a Lie!
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Episode 12
Series Culture Shock
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Zombies are a Lie! (subtitled Zombies are Lies!) is the 11th episode of Culture Shock on The Game Theorists.

Description Edit

Zombies...are...REAL! Surprise! Bet you didn't know that. There's a mysterious ritual in Haiti that produces its own version of "real life zombies," but this cultural ritual is one that is, to this day, very poorly understood. Gaijin Goombah takes a look at the creation of "real life zombies" and determines that our existing zombie lore is NOTHING like this ritual.

External Links Edit

Subreddit Head Zombies are a Lie! at the Subreddit

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