"Zelda, The Flaws and Triumphs of a Franchise"

Zelda, The Flaws and Triumphs of a Franchise

Zelda Flaws and Triumphs Screen

Release date September 14, 2013
Length 10:10
Link Zelda, The Flaws and Triumphs of a Franchise
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Episode 9
Series Digressing & Sidequesting
Game The Legend of Zelda
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"Earthbound, Personality, and Game Design"
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Zelda, The Flaws and Triumphs of a Franchise (subtitled Zelda: Flaws-Triumphs) is the 9th episode of Digressing & Sidequesting on The Game Theorists.

Description Edit

There are some design aspects that gamers often overlook when it comes to the Zelda franchise. How do Zelda 1 and A Link to the Past figure into all of this? And how does their history come into play? Ronnie "Oni" Edwards seeks to solve all these puzzles and more.

Trivia Edit

  • The show was put on hiatus for over a year due to it not receiving many views compared to Game Exchange and Game Theory and was somewhat replaced by Crossover, but returned in December 2014.

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