"Hello, Internet. Welcome to GAME THEORY, the show that doesn't need an intro joke this week because... Virtual Boy! Look, it's a joke that writes itself!"


"Wii U is the New Virtual Boy"

Wii U is the New Virtual Boy


Upload Date March 8, 2014
Length 12:57
Intro Science Blaster
Link Wii U is the New Virtual Boy
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Episode 65
Series Game Theory
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"Humans are Pokemon"
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"Are SMITE's Goddesses TOO SEXY?"
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"Humans are Pokemon"
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"This Train will EAT YOU! Bravely Default"

Wii U is the New Virtual Boy (subtitled VIRTUAL BOY 2.0) is the 65th episode of Game Theory on The Game Theorists.

Description Edit

The Virtual Boy has gone down in video game history as one of the worst systems of all time. This tremendous flop has been a dark mark in Nintendo's history, and yet, history has just repeated itself. The Wii U has made all the mistakes of the Virtual Boy. Had Nintendo remembered its own history, its current financial troubles could have been avoided.

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