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Who is W.D. Gaster?

Who is W.D. Gaster?

Who is W.D. Gaster? screen

Release date February 4, 2017
Length 17:24
Intro Science Blaster (Undertale version)
Link Who is W.D. Gaster?
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Episode 165
Series Game Theory
Game Undertale
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Who is W.D. Gaster? (subtitled Who is GASTER?) is the 165th episode of Game Theory and its 3rd episode on Undertale and 2nd episode, hosted by Matthew Patrick on The Game Theorists. It was released on February 4, 2017.

Description Edit

Since Undertale's release, one question has plagued the fan base - Just who is W. D. Gaster? And why don't I ever find this mystery man? Many have speculated that it was just a little code that Toby Fox threw in last minute, but there is so much more to it than that. Welcome to the episode that I am probably most nervous about.

By the way, sorry for all the digressions in this episode but this is a really sensitive franchise for me to cover...

THANKS to Edward, Thomas, Lee, and Ryder for the amazing editing on this video!

Trivia Edit

  • The writing in the thumbnail (✋︎❄︎🕯︎💧︎ ☠︎⚐︎❄︎ ☠︎☜︎💧︎⬧︎) is in Wingdings. When translated, it reads "IT'S NOT NESs!", which is a reference to the Game Theory Undertale episode Sans's SECRET Identity! and its mixed reception.
  • This episode was edited by Edward, Thomas, Lee, and Ryder Burgin.
  • For some time after the intro, MatPat explained his fear of doing another Undertale episode due to the reception of the previous two.
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