"Hello, internet. Welcome to GAME THEORY, where our favorite 'F' word is 'funambulism', which means 'tightrope walking', duh. I'm also a fan of the words 'slangwhanger' and 'widdershins' and 'collywobbles', but now we're just 'indulging' ourselves and turning into 'morosophs' and, oh, I'll stop my 'digressing'."


"What's Wrong with the AVGN?"

What's Wrong with the AVGN


Upload Date December 14, 2013
Length 10:23
Intro Science Blaster
Link What's Wrong with the AVGN?
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Episode 60
Series Game Theory
Topic Angry Video Game Nerd
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What's Wrong with the AVGN? (subtitled The AVGN Has Issues) is the 60th episode of Game Theory on The Game Theorists.

Description Edit

The Angry Video Game Nerd was and still is a pioneer in the field on online game comedy/review. And yet, for as much as we laugh at the AVGN, there's a disturbing trend across his content, a string of symptoms pointing to severe mental and physical illnesses. Nerd, I hope you're watching, because us Theorists are worried about you!

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