Until Dawn's HORRIFYING Origin Story



Release date November 7, 2015
Length 5:13
Link Until Dawn's HORRIFYING Origin Story
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Episode 31
Series Culture Shock
Game Until Dawn
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Until Dawn's HORRIFYING Origin Story (subtitled Until Dawn's True Terror) is the 31st episode of Culture Shock and its one-off episode on Until Dawn on The Game Theorists.

Description Edit

Spoiler Alert! This episode explores what is considered a major plot twist in the Until Dawn story line. If you are planning on playing the game and want to avoid any spoilers, I suggest you go play then come back when you are finished. GG will still be here. So really leave now and read no further. But if you'd like to stay, GG is breaking down the origin of the Wendigo Legend. He explores the reasoning behind the artistic design of the creature and how the North American lore of the creature influenced its role in Until Dawn.

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