Undertale, Sans Is No Skeleton!

Sans Is No Skeleton

Sans Is No Skeleton screen

Release date March 1, 2016
Length 7:00
Link Undertale, Sans Is No Skeleton!
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Episode 37
Series Culture Shock
Game Undertale
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Undertale, Sans Is No Skeleton! (subtitled What Is Sans?) is the 37th episode of Culture Shock and its 2nd episode on Undertale on The Game Theorists.

Description Edit

What is Sans? Sure he looks like a skeleton, but skeleton's don't bleed. Do they? In today's Culture Shock, GG compares Sans to one of the strongest undead in all monster lore, a creature born for revenge!

Game Theory

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Culture Shock

UNDERTALE, A City Beneath Ireland?!Undertale, Sans Is No Skeleton!

A Brief History

History of Earthbound: From MOTHER to UNDERTALE?