"Top Ten Japanese Games"
Top Ten Japanese Games
Upload Date July 19, 2012
Length 20:16
Intro Farer of East
Link Top Ten Japanese Games
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Episode 2
Series Game Exchange
Host(s) Gaijin Goombah
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Top Ten Japanese Games is he 2nd episode of Game Exchange on The Game Theorists.

Description Edit

Gamers love a good top ten, so Gaijin Goomba uses his knowledge of Japanese gaming to create his own top ten list of Japan-centric games. Gundam Wing to rhythm games to arcade cabinets like "Tank! Tank! Tank!" Japan has some awesome and weird games.

And yes, many of these console games lack region codes, so if you find a copy, you could absolutely play them!

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first episode where Gaijin Goombah reveals his face.
  • This was originally going to be a two-parter episode.