Top 5 DRAGON Myths from Dragon Nest

Top 5 DRAGON Myths

Top 5 DRAGON Myths screen

Release date September 22, 2015
Length 5:48
Link Top 5 DRAGON Myths from Dragon Nest
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Episode 28
Series Culture Shock
Game Dragon Nest
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Top 5 DRAGON Myths from Dragon Nest (subtitled Top 5 DRAGON MYTHS!) is the 28th episode of Culture Shock and the one-off episode on Dragon Nest on The Game Theorists. It was released on September 22, 2015.

Description Edit

We've talked Dragon-Turtles and Dragon-Fish; but now we're getting fired up with straight up Dragons! This Culture Shock delves deep into Dragon Nest to uncover 5 fascinating Dragon myths throughout history! Prepare yourself for a whole lot of Dragon education as we soar into the world of Dragon Nest!

A thanks to Dragon Nest for sponsoring this video and letting GG dive deep into the hidden lore of DRAGONS!

Trivia Edit

  • This is the third countdown list on The Game Theorists.
  • This is the final episode of Culture Shock in which Michael appears as Gaijin Goombah.

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