This is SPARTA! Or is it???

This is SPARTA

This is SPARTA screen

Release date March 23, 2016
Length 6:22
Link This is SPARTA! Or is it???
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Episode 18
Series Culture Shock
Game Age of Sparta
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This is SPARTA! Or is it??? (subtitled This isn't SPARTAAAA!) is the 18th episode of Culture Shock on The Game Theorists.

Description Edit

Man...Greece is awesome. Seriously. Across all historical time periods, which tends to be the coolest? Greek history. You have togas, giant statues, angry gods, and of course, SPARTA! A city dedicated to WAR. But with so many games coming out featuring Greek history, just how accurate are they to real-life events. Goombah takes on Age of Sparta, a new mobile game, to show you how things COULD have gone during that infamous battle.

Thanks to Gameloft for sponsoring this video and being a regular supporter of the channel. AND for letting Goombah basically rip into the historical accuracy of the game ;)