"The TRAGIC TRUTH Behind Hello Neighbor"

The TRAGIC TRUTH Behind Hello Neighbor

The TRAGIC TRUTH Behind Hello Neighbor screen

Release date January 12, 2017
Length 8:35
Link The TRAGIC TRUTH Behind Hello Neighbor
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Episode 50
Series Culture Shock
Game Hello Neighbor
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The TRAGIC TRUTH Behind Hello Neighbor (subtitled Guilty Or Innocent!?) is the 50th episode of Culture Shock and its one-off episode on Hello Neighbor on The Game Theorists. It was released on January 12, 2017.

Description Edit

What is going on in HELLO NEIGHBOR?! Murder and Satanic rituals abound, and everything our mustachioed neighbor does only peaks our curiosity! Well wonder no more because I've got you covered! From Faust to the hidey-hole in the basement, this episode explores the tragic truth behind the game's devilishly intriguing main character.

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The TRAGIC TRUTH Behind Hello Neighbor at the Subreddit

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