"The Screen Writing Mind Tricks of STAR WARS"
The Screen Writing Mind Tricks of STAR WARS
Upload Date October 2, 2015
Length 8:40
Link The Screen Writing Mind Tricks of STAR WARS
Episode Guide
Episode 6
Series Frame by Frame
Subject Star Wars
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The Screen Writing Mind Tricks of STAR WARS (subtitled Darth Vader's emotional struggle) is the 6th episode of Frame by Frame and its 1st episode on Star Wars on The Film Theorists.

Description Edit

Star Wars, the original trilogy, was a roller coaster of excitement and emotion. It controlled the heart strings of it's audience like a masterful Jedi mind trick :) But how exactly were they able to evoke such highs and lows in our emotions? It all comes down to the beats - the smallest building blocks of a movie. Today, Kyle's Frame by Frame takes a close up look at Return of the Jedi to gain a better understanding of how Luke's and Darth Vader's beat changes toy with our emotions.

Trivia Edit

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