"The SECRET Rhythms of DARK SOULS!"
Release date February 14, 2017
Length 17:23
Link The SECRET Rhythms of DARK SOULS!
GT Episode Guide
Episode 3
Series The SCIENCE!
Game Dark Souls III
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The SECRET Rhythms of DARK SOULS!, alternatively titled The SCIENCE!...of Dark Souls 3 (subtitled The RHYTHM of DARK SOULS), is the 3rd episode of The SCIENCE! and its one-off episode on Dark Souls III, hosted by Austin Hourigan on The Game Theorists. It was released on February 14, 2017.

Description Edit

DARK SOULS is a spectacular game, but beating the bosses is no easy feat. This is especially true when it comes to the Dancer of the Boreal Valley. Why is she so difficult to overcome?! In this episode, Austin explores the game's score and rhythm to reveal exactly what's going on with the hardest Boss in Dark Souls.

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