"The REAL Reason YouTube is Broken"

The REAL Reason YouTube is Broken

The REAL Reason YouTube is Broken screen

Release date December 23, 2016
Length 17:24
Link The REAL Reason YouTube is Broken
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Episode 162
Series Game Theory
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"Hello, Internet. Welcome to YOUTUBE THEORY, part deux."


The REAL Reason YouTube is Broken (subtitled WE KILLED YouTube!) is the 162nd episode of Game Theory on The Game Theorists. It was released on December 23, 2016.

Description Edit

"Okay MatPat, so if YouTube isn't Killing Pewdiepie's Channel what is?!" I hear you screaming at your computer. And to that I have one thing to say - YOU ARE! That's right you're to blame. But before you rage quit and storm off never to watch my videos again - let me explain.

THANKS to the amazing editors on this video! Thomas, Ronnie, Sedge, and Edward, you handsome sons of guns.

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