"The History of Sly Cooper in Seven Minutes"
The History of Sly Cooper
Release date March 16, 2015
Length 7:26
Link The History of Sly Cooper in Seven Minutes
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Episode 4
Series A Brief History
Topic Sly Cooper
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The History of Sly Cooper in Seven Minutes (subtitled Sly Cooper in 7 minutes) is the 4th episode of A Brief History on The Game Theorists.

Description Edit

Remember Crash Bandicoot, Playstation's answer to Nintendo's Mario and Sega's Sonic? Sly Cooper is kinda like him...but a raccoon...and a thief...and soon to be a movie star. It's a long story but Ryder explains the history of the Sly Cooper franchise and all its classic comedic stealth action platforming goodness in seven minutes!

External Links Edit

Subreddit Head The History of Sly Cooper in Seven Minutes at the Subreddit

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