"The History of Chrono Trigger (Best Game EVER!) (Feat. MatPat)"
The History of Chrono Trigger
Release date November 10, 2016
Length 8:49
Link The History of Chrono Trigger (Best Game EVER!)
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Episode 19
Series A Brief History
Game Chrono Trigger
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The History of Chrono Trigger (Best Game EVER!) (subtitled Chrono Trigger in 9 minutes) is the 19th episode of A Brief History on The Game Theorists, featuring MatPat.

Description Edit

One of the best games in history that's all about fighting your way through time FINALLY has a Brief History to tell you everything you need to know about Chrono Trigger's a time. And BONUS: this episode features MatPat, since this is one of his favorite games of all...TIME.

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The History of Chrono Trigger (Best Game EVER!) (Feat. MatPat) at the Subreddit

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