"The Game Theorists: Announcement #1"
The Game Theorists Announcement 1
Upload Date March 23, 2012
Length 3:10
Link The Game Theorists: Announcement #1
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The Game Theorists: Announcement #1 is an announcement on The Game Theorists that the crew will be at SGC 2013.

Description Edit

A new video next week (maybe even two...hint, hint), but in the meantime, The Game Theorists are coming see you!

Obviously, we'll be the coolest ones there, but to see SGC's full guest list and how to register, click here:

Transcript Edit

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Full transcript

Red pendulum swings into view as a piano plays. "SGC" appears on a few kegs, followed by GAMING'S BIGGEST PARTY, followed by the date and location. Gaijin and Ronnie's avatars appear.

MatPat: Hello, SGC, welcome to The Game Theorist panel.