The Douchebag Speech: VidCon 2016 Keynote

The Douchebag Speech

The Douchebag Speech screen

Release date August 4, 2016
Length 10:22
Link The Douchebag Speech: VidCon 2016 Keynote
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The Douchebag Speech: VidCon 2016 Keynote (subtitled Live from Vidcon!) is a vlog on The Game Theorists. With the exception of the intro being MatPat explaining the purpose of his speech and reasons for uploading it on YouTube, the majority of it is a recording of the speech itself. During his speech at VidCon 2016, MatPat told a story from around SGC 2015, and how it made him think about online personality and audience connection.

Description Edit

At VidCon 2016 a couple months ago, I had the HUGE honor of being one of the creator keynote speakers, speaking in front of hundreds of young YouTubers looking for advice on how to grow their channels. And I thought it was a good idea to use my debut at VidCon to...tell a really embarrassing story?! Well yes, but I LOVE YouTube and in this speech I get to talk about why I spend all my time here, even when there are negative comments or long hours or people literally coming up to you and calling you a douchebag. Because yeah, that happened! And I wanted to share this with you guys because I know many of you would like to attend events like this, but can't due to travel or money. So uploading the speech here gives you a little peek into the action. Plus, I think it'll be fun for you to know a bit more about me and this channel that I've called home for the last 5 years. Hope you enjoy it!

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