"Hello, Internet. Welcome to — woah, started a bit early there. Don't worry, though, I'll be back. Just call me the Matinator; the, the TerminatPat, the Terminat —"


"Hello, Internet. Welcome to FILM THEORY! Have you guys ever seen Terminator? Is this audience old enough to appreciate a good, burly Austrian accent? Who else out there would look back on Terminator 2's slowly-sinking-into-lava-thumbs-up and give it two slowly-sinking-into-lava-thumbs-ups."


Terminator's Skynet is Coming!

Terminator's Skynet is Coming!

Terminator's Skynet is Coming! screen

Upload Date October 29, 2015
Length 16:24
Link Terminator's Skynet is Coming!
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Episode 17
Series Film Theory
Subject Terminator
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Terminator's Skynet is Coming! (subtitled DEATH by A.I.!) is the 17th episode of Film Theory and its one-off episode on Terminator on The Film Theorists.

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  • This episode was sponsored by Audible.

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