"Super Smash Bros = Nintendo Sumo Wrestling"
Super Smash Bros = Nintendo Sumo Wrestling
Upload Date April 20, 2013
Length 8:25
Link Super Smash Bros = Nintendo Sumo Wrestling
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Episode 7
Series Digressing & Sidequesting
Game Super Smash Bros.
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Super Smash Bros = Nintendo Sumo Wrestling is the 7th episode of Digressing & Sidequesting on The Game Theorists.

Description Edit

Super Smash Bros has a damage system unique in the world of fighting video games. Smash's emphasis on damage percentages seems like an odd choice, so why did Nintendo choose to go this route? What benefits does this system provide a game like Super Smash Bros? In honor of the five year anniversary (five year?!?!) of Super Smash Bros Brawl, Ronnie is going to find out!