Super Paper Mario
Super Paper Mario
Publisher Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii, Wii U
Genre Action RPG, Platform, Puzzle
Release Date April 9, 2007
Episodes 2 total:
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Super Paper Mario is a game featured in Game Theory and Culture Shock. It is one of the many spin-offs of the Super Mario franchise.

Game Information Edit

Super Paper Mario is a 2007 action role-playing platforming game developed by Intelligent Systems and published by Nintendo and the third installment in the Paper Mario series. The player controls Mario and later Princess Peach, Bowser and Luigi, who each possess different abilities. A new and important gameplay element is Mario's learned ability to "flip" between dimensions, switching the player's perspective of the level from 2D sidescrolling to 3D platforming, allowing Mario to pass otherwise impassable areas in the other perspective. The plot follows the four characters' quest to collect the eight Pure Hearts in order to prevent Count Bleck, the antagonist, and his associate Nastasia, who has hypnotized Luigi into the evil Mr. L and Peach into marrying Bowser, from destroying the universe.

Episodes Edit

Game Theory Edit

  1. Luigi's SECRET Identity

Culture Shock Edit

  1. Super Paper Mario's Duel of 100
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