"Super Mario Maker's REAL Origin Story"

Mario Maker Origin Story

Mario Maker Origin Story screen

Release date September 11, 2015
Length 4:47
Link Super Mario Maker's REAL Origin Story
GT Episode Guide
Episode 26
Series Culture Shock
Game Super Mario Maker
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Super Mario Maker's REAL Origin Story (subtitled Who's The Real Mario Maker?) is the 26th episode of Culture Shock and its one-off episode on Super Mario Maker on The Game Theorists.

Description Edit

Super Mario Maker is the new Nintendo smash hit on the block and is just now exploding all over the world...but how NEW is this game, really? This awesome episode of Culture Shock lets you in on the lesser-known origins of one of Super Mario Maker's most fascinating features: Automario, where they game literally plays itself!

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Subreddit Head Super Mario Maker's REAL Origin Story at the Subreddit

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