"Sunni Skies Cold Sweat Challenge"
Sunni Skies Cold Sweat Challenge
Release date June 28, 2012
Length 7:34
Link Sunni Skies Cold Sweat Challenge
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Sunni Skies Cold Sweat Challenge is a vlog on The Game Theorists.

Description Edit

Sunni Skies ice cream eating challenge.

This is how they make it:

Hidden in the small town of Angier, North Carolina (with two stoplights and a McDonalds) is the best ice cream in the world, and I consider myself an expert. Any flavor you can imagine! But what put them on the map is Cold Sweat, the hottest ice cream flavor ever created. A painful mix of habanero, thai chili, and Ghost chili extract, it's an eating challenge for the ages. In order to buy any, you need to eat an entire spoon of the stuff and sign a waiver.

They do have one more level of hotness, too...EXIT WOUND! I tried it after this (but just a taste, not a whole spoon).

There was another guy who ended up doing the same thing behind me. We commiserated afterward. I was oblivious until afterward.

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