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Street Fighter
Street Fighter
Publisher Capcom
Genre Fighting
Release Date 1987 - present
Episodes 5
Theorist Game Guide
Street Fighter is a game series featured in Game Theory, Culture Shock, Digressing & Sidequesting, Smash History, and Break Down.

Game Information Edit

Street Fighter is a fighting game series developed and published by Capcom. The players pit combatants from around the world, each with their own special moves, against one another.

Episodes Edit

Game Theory Edit

  1. Chun-Li's DEADLY Helicopter Kick

Culture Shock Edit

  1. The Origin of Dhalsim's POWER!

Digressing & Sidequesting Edit

  1. Evolution of Street Fighter's Interface

Smash History Edit

  1. Ryu DLC

Break Down Edit

  1. Street Fighter 2 Break Down: Genre Defining Glitches
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