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The following is trivia about Stephanie Cordato.

Life Edit

Personality Edit

  • Stephanie is an avid tea drinker. (THE BASEMENT WILL BE MINE!)
  • Stephanie has a crush on Fitzwilliam Darcy from Pride and Prejudice, however "only when played by Colin Firth". (LA Noire, The Human Lie Detector)
  • One of Stephanie's favorite snacks is Pirate's Booty. (Source Needed)
  • Stephanie hates the sound of chewing. (Source Needed)
  • Beagles are Stephanie's favorite dog breed. (Source Needed)
  • Stephanie likes pickles (especially "big pickles") but dislikes buttered pickles. (Flappy Mario Maker? JUST DO IT!)
  • Stephanie's favorite color is purple. (MY PROM PROPOSAL!)
  • Stephanie's favorite number is eight. (Source Needed)
  • Stephanie's favorite candy brands are Milk Duds and Sweet Tarts. (Our SCARIEST Challenge Yet!)
  • Stephanie has a taste for watermelon. (Making Ocean Water DRINKABLE)
  • She doesn't like to mix milk and cereals and she eats them separately(Google Autocomplete)

YouTube Edit

  • Despite appearing on every GTLive livestream and doing much behind-the-scenes work, Stephanie has only a relatively small number of legitimate appearances on The Game and Film Theorists. This, however, can be attributed to the rarity of actual filmed scenes and videos, and the fact that Stephanie is the only "main" Theorist to not have a series of her own.

Gaming Edit

Other Edit

  • Stephanie is left-handed. (LA Noire, The Human Lie Detector)
  • Stephanie is a size child 10-12. (For?) (HALLOWEEN in VR!)
  • Stephanie has an uncanny similarity with Allison Williams in the movie Get Out, the character in the movie also sharing their strange habit to eat cereals (Google Autocomplete)