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Stephanie Cordato
Stephanie in 2016
Stephanie in 2016
Alias(es) Steph
Born Stephanie Cordato
August 10, 1987 (age 29)
Angier, North Carolina
Residence Westlake Village, Los Angeles, California
Nationality American (Italian descent)
Occupation Director

Digital strategy consultant

Years active 2011 - present
Internet information
Channel The Game Theorists
The Film Theorists
Twitter Stephanie Patrick (@CordyPatrick)
Instagram cordypatrick
Facebook Stephanie Patrick (Cordato)

Stephanie "Steph" Patrick (née Cordato) is the director and strategy consultant of Theorist, Inc. and wife of Matthew Patrick, as well as the co-founder and co-owner of the three main Theorist channels, the other being her husband.

History Edit

Stephanie Cordato was born on August 10, 1987 in Rockville, MD and moved to Angier, NC near Raleigh when she was 6. She went to college at Duke University in Durham, NC, where she received a bachelor's degree of Science in Chemistry in 2009. There, she met Matthew Patrick in a computer science class, and together they created a Legend of Zelda parody called The Epic of Stew.

After graduating, Stephanie went to Weill Cornell Medical College in New York to study pharmacology. She eventually worked as a consultant and engagement manager for Campbell Alliance, where she learned strategy consulting.[1]

Matthew proposed to Stephanie on November 17, 2010, on their 1500th day anniversary. To celebrate this, MatPat created a video about their relationship, which was a series of clips from their years together, and that video was the first one MatPat put a lot of time and effort putting together and editing. They married on May 19, 2012 in North Carolina.

They currently reside in Westlake Village, Los Angeles, California with their cat Skip.

Prominent Appearances Edit

So far, Stephanie has appeared in nearly every episode of GTLive, and has had brief cameos and mentions in many Game Theory videos.

The Game Theorists Edit

Trivia Edit

Main article: Stephanie/Trivia

Aliases Edit

Main article: Stephanie/Aliases

References Edit

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