Splatoon's Inkopolis IS TOKYO!

Splatoon's Inkopolis

Splatoon's Inkopolis screen

Release date May 31, 2015
Length 5:28
Link Splatoon's Inkopolis IS TOKYO!
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Episode 21
Series Culture Shock
Game Splatoon
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Splatoon's Inkopolis IS TOKYO! (subtitled Splatoon Is REAL!) is the 21th episode of Culture Shock on The Game Theorists. It is the first episode on Splatoon. Gaijin Goombah goes over the parallels between Inkopolis and Tokyo.

Description Edit

Splatoon is Nintendo's newest and biggest game series, so everyone is super excited about it. In Splatoon, you place as an Inkling, running and gunning to cover the battle arena with load and loads of ink. But is there a deeper story beneath Splatoon's surface? Gaijin Goombah was SHOCKED by the cultural references in Splatoon, references that may point to a deeper, hidden lore!