"Space Jam's Secret Trick Shots! ft Yungtown"

Space Jam's Secret Trick Shots

Space Jam's Secret Trick Shots screen

Upload Date October 20, 2015
Length 7:16
Link Space Jam's Secret Trick Shots! ft Yungtown
Episode Guide
Episode 8
Series Did You Know Movies
Subject Space Jam
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Space Jam's Secret Trick Shots! ft Yungtown is the 8th episode of Did You Know Movies and its one-off episode on Space Jam on The Film Theorists, featuring Yungtown.

Description Edit

From its conception as a commercial to its debut on the big screen, Space Jam tactically overcame hurdle after hurdle. Its game plan increased production of animation, included tricks for overcoming green screen difficulties, and had moment after moment of obscure current references (current for the time at least.) There was even a moment when a character needed to be replaced. This episode of DYKM explores the development and production of Space Jam and all of its little hidden gems.

Thank you to everyone who helped!

Trivia Edit

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