"Shrek, the F*** You to Walt Disney ft. Caddicarus"

Shrek, the F You to Walt Disney

Shrek, the F You to Walt Disney screen

Upload Date July 2, 2015
Length 7:06
Link Shrek, the F*** You to Walt Disney ft. Caddicarus
Episode Guide
Episode 3
Series Did You Know Movies
Subject Shrek
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Shrek, the F*** You to Walt Disney is the 3rd episode of Did You Know Movies and its one-off episode on Shrek on The Film Theorists, featuring Caddicarus.

Description Edit

Shrek, the hilarious ogre that took the world by storm back in 2001, actually has some pretty dark roots. Though Shrek may seem like a fun-loving romp to rescue classic fairy tale characters, the movie was actually a big screw you to Disney. From a 4 million dollar reshoot to a last-minute recasting, Shrek was almost a VERY different movie from the one you remember today.

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