"SMITE's 3 OVERPOWERED Japanese Artifacts"

SMITE's 3 Japanese Artifacts

SMITE's 3 Japanese Artifacts screen

Release date March 17, 2016
Length 7:24
Link SMITE's 3 OVERPOWERED Japanese Artifacts
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Episode 38
Series Culture Shock
Game Smite
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SMITE's 3 OVERPOWERED Japanese Artifacts (subtitled OVER POWERED?) is the 38th episode of Culture Shock and its one-off episode on Smite on The Game Theorists.

Description Edit

The Shinto pantheon has been released into the SMITE universe - and GG is reflecting on Shinto's top dog, Amaterasu. But unlike the other gods in the game her powers come from her 3 sacred treasures. In today's Culture Shock, Gaijin Goombah delves into Amaterasu's lore to discuss the power behind these artifacts.

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SMITE's 3 OVERPOWERED Japanese Artifacts at the Subreddit

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