Ronald Oni Edwards
Ronnie IRL
Ronnie at the Streamy Awards
Alias(es) Ronnie, DigressingNSQ
Born Ronald Edwards
March 26 United States
Residence United States
Nationality American
Occupation Internet personality
Theorist editor
Years active 2011/2012 - 2013 (as host of DNSQ)
Internet information
Channel DigressingNSQ
Twitter DigressingNSQ
Facebook Ronnie Oni Edwards

Ronald Oni "Ronnie" Edwards is the editor for The Game Theorists and The Film Theorists. Besides editing, he hosts his own show called Digressing and Sidequesting,in which he talks about game design and concept Ronnie also has his own YouTube channel, DigressingNSQ, where he uploaded commentaries, animations, and additional episodes of his show. As of July 2017, his channel has over 27,000 subscribers and over 743,000 views.

Career Edit

While in high school, Ronnie gained an interest in game mechanics and programming, and would eventually start his own web series about the subject. On December 26, 2011, Ronnie launched the first episode, or "quest", of this show Digressing and Sidequesting, with music produced by musicians lara6683 and Shigatai, and the Intro Text Fire Template provided by the Sony Vegas pro editor, RavenProDesign. The episode was aired on his currently inactive personal channel, DigressingNSQ. Nine episodes were uploaded to his channel.

During late 2011, Ronnie came across Daniel Floyd and James Portnow, the voice and writer of the popular web show Extra Credits, and interviewed them via podcast. After interviews, Ronnie acquired a taste for filmmaking, and began a series of internet podcasts titled Random Internet Encounters, where he would interview Internet icons. Ronnie uploaded the podcasts of Daniel and James as the first two episodes on its own website as downloadables.

Ronnie found MatPat's new show Game Theory sometime after its seventh episode, and after getting into contact with him, Ronnie interviewed MatPat for Random Internet Encounters's fourth episode. Following the interview, MatPat offered a spot on the The Game Theorists channel. Ronnie accepted and moved his show onto MatPat's channel. The first episode of his show uploaded to The Game Theorists was Hit Points and Health Bars on August 30, 2012. Due to the boost in popularity his show received, he continued to work on his show for eight more episodes before it was temporarily cancelled. New episodes are still occasionally uploaded, but are scarce due to Ronnie's busy editing schedule.

Trivia Edit

  • Ronnie's show was the first to be cancelled, albeit temporarily.
  • Ronnie's favorite game in The Legend of Zelda game is the original.

Gallery Edit

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