"Pokemon Sun and Moon Origins: Science and Legend!"

Pokemon Sun and Moon Origins

Pokemon Sun and Moon Origins screen

Release date November 15, 2016
Length 9:04
Link Pokemon Sun and Moon Origins: Science and Legend!
GT Episode Guide
Episode 48
Series Culture Shock
Game Pokémon Sun and Moon
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"FNAF Sister Location and the Origin of Deadly Puppets"
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Pokemon Sun and Moon Origins: Science and Legend! (subtitled What Are... Their Legends?) is the 48th episode of Culture Shock and its one-off episode on Pokémon Sun and Moon (2nd Pokémon episode overall) on The Game Theorists.

Description Edit

At first glance, Pokemon Sun and Moon's Legendary Pokemon don't seem to match up with their types. Steel and Psychic? GHOST and Psychic? Come on. No Fire? No Dark? But after digging into these two and their possible origins, their types started making a little more sense. In this episode of Culture Shock, GG breaks down the cultural and historical origins of Solgaleo and Lunala.

Trivia Edit

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