"Pokemon's Exeggutor: Japan's Tree of Immortality?"

Pokemon's Exeggutor

Pokemon's Exeggutor screen

Release date August 13, 2016
Length 6:35
Link Pokemon's Exeggutor: Japan's Tree of Immortality?
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Episode 43
Series Culture Shock
Game Pokémon GO
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Pokemon's Exeggutor: Japan's Tree of Immortality? (subtitled Pokemons Evil Tree!?) is the 43rd episode of Culture Shock and its 1st episode on Pokémon on The Game Theorists.

Description Edit

Like the rest of the world, GG has been playing the crap out of Pokemon Go. And the other day he finally caught an Exeggutor (GG is a huge grass type fan - I don't know why). But this Pokemon got him thinking. In today's episode, GG explores the "freaky" nature of this demon tree Pokemon and its real life origins.

Trivia Edit

  • This episode was sponsored by Lootcrate.
  • The background music in the episode was provided by GameChops.

External Links Edit

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Pokemon's Exeggutor: Japan's Tree of Immortality? at the Subreddit

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