Pac-Man's Pac-Land

Pac-Man's Pac-Land

Pac-Man's Pac-Land screen

Release date March 1, 2015
Length 1:34
Link Pac-Man's Pac-Land
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Episode 9
Series Smash History
Topic Pac-Land
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Pac-Man's Pac-Land (subtitled Pac-Land) is the 9th episode of Smash History on The Game Theorists.

Description Edit

Today's Super Smash review covers the bizarre Pac-Land stage. Seriously? Is this thing WORSE than Hanenbow? Drake has got us covered with the history of the stage, why is looks as hideous as it does, and how this all ties back in to the history of everyone's favorite yellow circle, Pacman!

Pac-Man Fever and the weird history of other video game inspired songs:

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