Publisher Namco, etc.
Platform(s) Arcade (primarily)
Genre Platform
Release Date August 1, 1984
Episodes 1
Theorist Game Guide
Pac-Land is a game featured in Smash History.

Game Information Edit

Pac-Land is an entry in the Pac-Man series of arcade games. It is split into trips. In each trip the objective is to get the fairy (kept under Pac-man's hat) to Fairyland and to return home to his house. Most of the trip involves moving left to right avoiding obstacles like ghosts, water spurts, and quicksand traps. The round of a trip ends with Pac-Man entering Fairyland and returning the fairy under his hat to the Fairy Queen. In return the Fairy Queen gives Pac-Man magic boots that allow him to jump repeatedly while in mid-air. For the final round of the trip, Pac-Man has to travel from right to left back home. Once Pac-Man completes the trip, he is greeted by Ms. Pac-Man and Baby Pac-Man.

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Smash History Edit

  1. Pac-Man's Pac-Land
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