POKEMON GO - NEW ROCK POKEMON?? with Ali-A and MatPat!



Release date July 25, 2016
Length 4:03
Link POKEMON GO - NEW ROCK POKEMON?? with Ali-A and MatPat!
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POKEMON GO - NEW ROCK POKEMON?? with Ali-A and MatPat! is a live action video by Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, featuring MatPat, Ali-A, and Jason Paige.

Description Edit

Pokemon Go is a worldwide phenomenon and trainers across the globe are in search of the rarest monsters! MatPat and Ali-A are here to show you the latest rare Pokemon that can be found in the wild! Featuring the singer of the original Pokemon Theme, Jason Paige!

Directed by Scott Brown''
Written by Scott Brown & Mo Darwiche
Pokerock lyrics by Dylan Sachse
Produced by Mo Darwiche & Erin Lardy
Associate Producer - Bryan Brown
Director of Photography – Nick Simpson
Edited by Nathanael Sams
Animation by Dave Koss (
Artwork by Cain Hopkins & Natalie Roman

I wanna be the very best,
like no one ever was!
Too bad I'm sh*t like all the rest,
PokeRock is the cause!

His muscles are so damn big,
they are no match for me!
PokeRock is just the best,
and I'm a jabroni!

POKEROCK! (y'cant catch the rock)
It's you or me,
you candyass jabroni!
Oh, I just cant win,
when i smell what he's cookin'!

The people’s champ,
When I see him my pants get damp!
That b*tch stole my Pikachu,

You can’t catch the Rock!