Order & Chaos Online
Order & Chaos Online
Publisher Gameloft
Genre Massively multiplayer online role-playing
Release Date June 23, 2011
Episodes 1
Theorist Game Guide
Order & Chaos Online is a game featured in Culture Shock.

Game Information Edit

Order & Chaos Online is a 2011 fantasy massively multiplayer online role-playing mobile game (MMORPG). In it, there are two factions, Order and Chaos. Humans and Elves fight on the side of Order, while Orcs and the Undead fight on the side of Chaos. There is also a neutral race, the Mednel. Classes include Mage, Monk, Ranger, Warrior, and Flame Knight. The player can use various spells and weapons when fighting people on the enemy faction.

Episodes Edit

Game Exchange Edit

  1. The Dark Secret of Elves
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