"Oklahoma: "Lonely Room""
Oklahoma Lonely Room
Upload Date September 2, 2009
Length 2:40
Link Oklahoma: "Lonely Room"
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Series Audition tapes
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"[[Blood Brothers: "I'm Not Saying a Word" (60-second cut)]]"
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"[[Blood Brothers (Song): "Shoes Upon the Table Reprise"]]"
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"[[Blood Brothers: "I'm Not Saying a Word" (60-second cut)]]"

Oklahoma: "Lonely Room" is the first audition tape, this one for the play Oklahoma!, on The Game Theorists.

Description Edit

Judd, ridiculed by Curly and rejected by Laurey, is sick of being alone and resolves to take the woman he wants in "Lonely Room."

Featuring Ben Krauss on piano. Video by Alex Lafrance.

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