Ness and Lucas

Ness and Lucas

Ness and Lucas screen

Release date August 6, 2015
Length 8:17
Link Ness and Lucas
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Episode 16
Series Smash History
Topic EarthBound
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Ness and Lucas (subtitled Ness & Lucas) is the 2nd episode on EarthBound and 16th overall episode of Smash History on The Game Theorists.

Description Edit

Two PSI kings are up for discussion today -- Ness from Eathbound...or Mother 2 if you want to be a New Age Retro Hipster about it... and Lucas from Mother 3. Two characters who were relatively unknown before they hit the Smash Bros. scene, Drake takes you through their movesets to showcase that their representation in the games might be as accurate as you might think. PSI power FTW!