"Mystical Ninja Goemon makes SENSE?!?"

Mystical Ninja Goemon makes SENSE

MNG Makes Senseshot

Upload Date February 12, 2014
Length 8:30
Link Mystical Ninja Goemon makes SENSE?!?
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Episode 24
Series Game Exhange
Game Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon
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Mystical Ninja Goemon makes SENSE?!? (subtitled WTF?) is the 23rd episode of Game Exchange on The Game Theorists.

Description Edit

To Western audiences, Mythical Ninja Goemon is a WEIRD series of games. Bizarre enemies, absurd weapons, silly costumes. But Ganbare Goemon makes PERFECT sense if you understand Japanese culture and history. So stop being an uninformed gamer! Here are all the references you don't get!