Mortal Kombat
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Publisher Midway Games
Williams Entertainment
WB Games
Platform(s) Arcade, Sega, SNES, Game- Cube, PlayStation, Xbox, Windows, Nintendo 64, GB Advance, Wii, Mobile
Genre Fighting, fantasy
Release Date 1992 - present
Episodes 2
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Mortal Kombat is a game series featured in Game Theory.

Game information

Mortal Kombat is a fighting game franchise developed by NetherRealm Studios. The franchise has ten main titles, the most recent being Mortal Kombat X. The franchise is notorious for its gore and violence. The games feature a variety of characters. Most attacks are done through various button combos, and attacks include standard attacks, special attacks, defenses, and finishing moves. A staple of the franchise are finishing move called Fatalities, which allow the victor to unleash a special attack, usually through intense gore, resulting in an instant KO. Variations of the Fatality include Babalities, in which the loser transforms into an infant; Animalities, in which the victor transforms into an animal and kills the loser; Faction Kills, in which the victor's respective faction assists in killing the loser; and stage fatalities, in which the killing is done via something related to the stage (i. e. a giant tentacle dragging the loser into the ocean, drowning them). Recently, the franchise has included characters from other franchises as fighters, namely DC Comics, Kratos from God of War, and a few horror movie villains.


Game Theory

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  2. Is Mortal Kombat's Killer Scream Possible?


  • Of the games in the series, only the original and the 2011 remake have been prominently featured.
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