Monster Party
Monster Party
Publisher Bandai
Platform(s) NES
Genre Platforming
Release Date 1989
Episodes 1
Playlist Game Exchange
Theorist Game Guide
Monster Party is a game featured in Game Exchange.

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Monster Party is a 1989 platforming game published in the US by Bandai. This obscure game follows Mark, a boy on his way home from a baseball game who is approached by a winged alien named Bert who needs his help ridding evil monsters from the Dark World. After whisking him away, they are magically fused together. Most enemies and bosses take inspiration from classic horror monsters and villains, as well as originals as well. Mark can turn into Bert, who can fly and shoot beams, and Mark's bat can attack and deflect. There are eight levels, which can be accessed via a password to avoid having restart the game. At the end of each level is a boss and, when defeated, the player earns a key to the next level. After defeating the final boss, the Dark World Master, Bert gives Mark a box and sends him back to Earth. Mark opens it to reveal a beautiful princess, but she turns into monsters who kill him, but he wakes up in bed. Bert appears at his door and asks him if he is ready to go again.

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