Mega Man 6
Publisher Capcom, Nintendo
Platform(s) NES, PS1, Mobile
Genre Action, platform
Release Date November 5, 1993
Episodes 2
Playlist Game Exchange
Theorist Game Guide
Mega Man 6 is a game featured in Game Exchange.

Game information Edit

Mega Man 6 is a 1993 action platforming game developed by Capcom and published by Capcom and Nintendo and the sixth main installment in the Mega Man franchise. Its story starts in a robot fighting tournament, which is interrupted by a villainous figure known as "Mr. X", who announces he has reprogrammed the eight powerful contestants with intent to use them for taking over the world. Mega Man, who was sent to oversee the tournament, decides to foil Mr. X's plot. Gameplay is identical to previous games besides a few new features such as stages with alternate pathways and new Rush adaptors.

Episodes Edit

Game Exchange Edit

  1. The Mega Man 6 World Tour (Part 1)
  2. The Mega Man World Tour part 2

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