Alias(es) Malcos, themalcos
Born Stephen Malcolm-Howell
April 8, 1983 (age 34)
Residence London, England
Nationality British
Occupation Musical artist, Healthcare
Years active 2005 - Present
Internet information
Channel Malcos
Twitter Malcos (@Malcos)
Facebook Malcos
Other Website SoundCloud VGMdb OCRemix

Stephen Malcolm-Howell, also known online as Malcos, is a British musical artist, specifically a songwriter and composer, based in London, England. He is a member of a band called "The Fabul Men's Choir" with BardicKnowledge, Cyril the Wolf, Moonlapse, Nutritious, OceansAndrew, and audio fidelity. Malcos mostly remixes of mostly songs and music related to gaming. He also owns a small YouTube channel, in which he has uploaded some of his remixes. Some of his music was featured in the 2008 indie film Minty: The Assassin, as well as in the game Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix.

One of his remixes in particular, "Reaching for Nerudha (Dhalsim Stage)", was used as the background music for the Culture Shock episode The Origin of Dhalsim's POWER!

Trivia Edit

  • Aside from music, Malcos also works in healthcare.[1]

References Edit

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