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"Luigi, the RICHEST Man in the Mushroom Kingdom?"

Luigi, the RICHEST Man in the Mushroom Kingdom

Luigi, the RICHEST Man screen

Release date January 5, 2017
Length 16:10
Link Luigi, the RICHEST Man in the Mushroom Kingdom?
GT Episode Guide
Episode 163
Series Game Theory
Game Luigi's Mansion
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Luigi, the RICHEST Man in the Mushroom Kingdom? (subtitled The SECRET Millionaire) is the 163rd episode of Game Theory and its 15th episode on Super Mario. It was released on January 5, 2017.

Description Edit

Sure Mario may get the girl, but Luigi apparently gets the gold. I always wondered how Luigi wound up with his own mansion. Turns out, he's filthy rich. He'd have to be to afford a home like that. But just how rich are we talkin'? I'm about to show you.

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