LoL vs. DOTA, Which Game is Better?

LoL vs. DOTA

LoL vs. DOTA screen

Release date April 14, 2015
Length 14:01
Link LoL vs. DOTA, Which Game is Better?
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Episode 2
Series DeadLock
Games League of Legends
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LoL vs. DOTA, Which Game is Better? (subtitled League of Legends VS DOTA) is the 2nd episode of DeadLock on The Game Theorists. MatPat and Sohinki of Smosh Games debate over whether their respective game is the superior MOBA.

Description Edit

VOTE: Which game is better, LoL or DOTA?
League of Legends ►

MOBAS, multiplayer online battle arenas. This genre has EXPLODED in the last ten years with two franchises dominating the market -- League of Legends and DOTA. But which is better, DOTA, the true granddaddy of the genre, or LoL, the hugely popular newcomer. Two games enter, one game leaves! Now is your chance to put this debate to rest. We duke it out point-by-point, but in the end it's up to YOU to decide the true winner.

Thanks to Sohinki from Smosh Games:

Also note that all sides of the debate are RANDOMLY decided, so the debater may be arguing for a side he or she doesn't agree with. We wanted to keep this as neutral and unbiased as possible. NO HATE!

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