LORE - Dragon Ball Z Lore in a Minute!
LORE - Dragon Ball Z Lore in a Minute!
Upload Date July 30, 2015
Length 1:47
Link LORE - Dragon Ball Z Lore in a Minute!
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LORE - Dragon Ball Z Lore in a Minute! (subtitled DRAGONBALL Z LORE) is a video presented by LORE and narrated by MatPat about the backstory, or lore, of Dragon Ball Z.

Description Edit

MatPat of Film and Game Theorists is here with your Dragon Ball Z Lore!

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MatPat (via voice-over): Out in the purplish black void of space, a warrior race called the Saiyans fought and pillaged planet after planet. The race possessed two advantages: growing stronger after every fight, and a monkey-like tail. Whenever exposed to a full moon, they transformed into considerably more powerful giant ape monsters... for some reason.

Early on in their empire they took Planet Plant and renamed it Planet Vegeta after their prince. Seeing their potential, a galactic warlord named Frieza, from a long line of conquerors with puns for names, annexed the entire Saiyan race into his army, reducing the proud prince Vegeta into nothing but a lackey. The Frieza Army stormed across the galaxy, conquering weak planets and preparing them for sale, presumably sold to weird rich alien dudes.

Eventually Frieza decided the Saiyans needed a demonstration to keep them in line. Sensing the oncoming doom, a random Saiyan soldier called Bardock sent his infant son Kakarot off in a tiny space ship just before Planet Vegeta was blown up. Crash landing on Earth, this boy was discovered and raised by an old man called Gohan, who ignored the boy's weird tail and renamed him Goku. It wasn't long before Earth fell under the greedy eye of the Frieza Army, seeking not just Earth's resources but seven powerful wish-granting objects known as the Dragon Balls! Have fun!

And now that you're all caught up with the LORE of the series, click here to insta-transmission over to my video, where we explore the real-life physics behind Goku's famous Kamehameha wave! Because, seriously, who HASN'T wanted to shoot a destructive beam of concentrated energy out of their hands? Well, find out how to do it, or, something like that, by clicking right here! Did you KNOW that it translates to "Turtle Destruction wave"? Yeah, not nearly as intimidating when you picture a bunch of red-eared sliders doing this thing.