Is Toad Really Genderless?

Is Toad Really Genderless

Is Toad Really Genderless screenshot

Release date April 7, 2016
Length 6:34
Link Is Toad Really Genderless?
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Episode 39
Series Culture Shock
Game Super Mario
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Is Toad Really Genderless? (subtitled Toad's TRUE Gender!) is the 39th episode of Culture Shock and its 6th episode on Super Mario on The Game Theorists.

Description Edit

What started off as a simple cultural definition of character design turned into one of the biggest revelations of transgender and transvestite culture in video game history; and it all starts with boring, interchangeable Toad. In today's Culture Shock, GG discusses the similarities between gender swapping in Japan's culture and Super Mario Bros characters - Toad and Toadette

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