"Hello, Internet. Welcome to GAME THEORY, where, I gotta admit, I'm a bit disappointed that beast mastery in Far Cry Primal has nothing to do with the Canadian TV series BeastMaster."


"Is Far Cry Primal Ubisoft's MISSING Link?"

Is Far Cry Primal

Is Far Cry Primal screen

Release date February 18, 2016
Length 14:37
Link Is Far Cry Primal Ubisoft's MISSING Link?
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Episode 133
Series Game Theory
Game Far Cry Primal
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Is Far Cry Primal Ubisoft's MISSING Link? (subtitled Far Cry Pet me!) is the 133rd episode of Game Theory and its one-off episode on Far Cry Primal on The Game Theorists.

Description Edit

Special Thanks to Ubisoft for sponsoring this video.

I've found the missing link in the evolution of Ubisoft's shared universe - and it's Far Cry Primal! How does Takkar's powers of beast mastery and heightened tracking skills span the centuries to fit into the rest of the Ubisoft universe? I'm a gonna show you!

Trivia Edit

  • The character in the thumbnail is Diego from the Ice Age movies.

External Links Edit

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Is Far Cry Primal Ubisoft's MISSING Link? at the Subreddit

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