"Hello, Internet. Welcome to GAME THEORY, where we take your Comic-Con and turn it into a Comic-Pro! Pro & Con? Get it? Yeah, that was really bad, let's try it again. Where we take your Comic-Can't and make it a Comic-Can! And again, that one just didn't make any sense. Ah, there's gotta be a funny joke here somewhere. Uh, more funny cosplay photos!"


"Is Comic Con 2014 REALLY Worth the Wait?"

Is Comic Con 2014 REALLY Worth the Wait

SDCC 2014 Screenshot

Release date July 20, 2014
Length 14:03
Link Is Comic Con 2014 REALLY Worth the Wait?
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Episode 76
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Is Comic Con 2014 REALLY Worth the Wait? (subtitled It's a TRAP!) is the 76th episode of Game Theory on The Game Theorists.

Description Edit

It's fan convention season! And that means waiting in line to meet some of your favorite celebrities. But have you ever really stopped to consider just how many hours get wasted in those panel lines? Perhaps none are worse than San Diego Comic Con, whose lines have become notorious in the convention space. So is there a way to HACK Comic Con? Obey the rules, but spend the least amount of time possible waiting for the big panel you want to see? Let's find out!

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